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癌症是一种体质性疾病 Warburg was Correct, Cancer is a Metabolic Disease

为什么癌症有酸性的微环境 Why does cancer have an acidic microenvironment?

伦敦大学癌症转移的原因 科学家发现免疫细胞和癌细胞互相追随 Why cancer spreads: scientists discover healthy cells follow diseases one around the body

癌细胞的重要特征:有氧糖酵解 Aerobic Glycolysis: Beyond Proliferation

癌症独特的代谢特征有氧糖酵解成为癌症靶向治疗的目标 Aerobic Glycolysis allow it as the target of targeted therapy

一个犹太人一个元首和癌症突破: 奥托.沃尔伯,希特勒给世界的礼物 A Jew A Fuhrer and a Cancer Breakthrough Otto Warburg, Hilter's Gift to the World



高血糖损伤血管内皮细胞是糖尿病微血管并发症的统一机制 Edothelial Damage Caused by Hyperglyceamia is the Unifying Mechanism Linking All Complications in Diabetics

低热量饮食可以治愈2型糖尿病的案例-英国纽卡斯尔大学的发现 Type 2 diabetes and the diet that cured me-a finding by Newcastle University

降低血糖的最好运动 The best exercises to lower blood sugar



最新的研究证实:抗氧化剂能使血管年青15到20年 Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem younger again

大蒜加维生素C可以使早期高血压恢复正常 Garlic plus vitamin C may reduce blood pressure

研究证实每周吃12个鸡蛋不会增加心血管疾病风险 Eggs not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice

伟大的胆固醇神话 为什么减低胆固醇不能预防心脏病 The Great Cholesterol Myth



饮食的脂肪影响关节软骨的健康-关节软骨损伤越严重 The association of lipid abnormalities in osteoathritic joints

骨关节炎患者的骨骼中欧米茄-6脂肪酸沉积越多 关节软骨破坏越严重 High Levels of Omega 6 Fatty Acids Found in Cartilage in Osteoathritis Patients Worsens Joint Breakdown

骨关节炎是一种代谢性(即体质性)疾病 因为它也涉及非负重关节 Osteoathritis is a metabolic disease as it also involves non-weight bearing joints

缺镁容易导致骨质疏松 ~一氧化氮介导低镁成骨细胞样抑制细胞增殖 Magnesium supplement is helpful for preventing osteoporosis



肿瘤干细胞的特征 Features of Cancer Stem Cells

幽门螺旋杆菌毒性因子 H.pylori virulent factors.jpg


癌症是一种代谢性疾病的依据 The proof of cancer as a metabolic disease.jpg

Harvard University study Starving Cancer to Death by Removing Glucose.jpg

哈佛大学肿瘤小鼠实验发现 血糖越低 存活率越高 70天后生存率 33% 对比 95%.jpg

the truth about cancer 1.jpg



健康卫士 维生素C--一种必须的营养素维生素抗氧化剂和促氧化剂解毒抗过敏抗病毒抗癌

研究显示 维生素C能杀死抗药性的结核分枝杆菌 Study found Vitamin C kills the bacterial that causes TB

使用维生素C近50年的临床观察 Observations on use of massive vitamin C by Frederick R Klenner M.D.



生物学家通过增加AMPK基因来延缓衰老过程 Biologists delay the aging process by increasing AMPK gene

Endothelial Cell–Specific Liver Kinase B1 Deletion Causes Endothelial Dysfunction and Hypertention in Mice in Vivo

A New Route to Health Extending Life Requires NAD Synthesis

辅酶Q10 长寿的因素 CoQ10: The Longivity Factor



拉单双杠 脊柱减压 治愈我的腰椎间盘突出 Spinal Decompression Cures My Prolapsed Disc in One Month

营养和运动 正确的吃为你的运动补充燃料 Nutrition and Exercise Eating to fuel your workouts

运动生理学博士指出 运动需要足够的营养支持 包括主营养素和微营养素 Exercise and Nutritional Concerns


芬森灯 Finsen Light 和光疗的诞生  Finsen Light and Birth of Phototherapy

脂肪酸中的电子是阳光的共振系统 吸收光子并控制细胞膜的功能 The Fat's Syndrome & Photons as Solar Energy by Dr.Johanna Budwig

阳光是最好的药吗 Is Sunlight the Best Medicine



巴德维疗法的原理 Mechanisms of Budwig Diet

亚麻籽和脂肪酸:巴德维博士的研究背景  Linseed and fatty acids:Johanna Budwig

脂肪酸综合征和太阳的能量的光子 Fat's Syndrome and Photons as Solar Energy

巴德维疗法治疗癌症的科学依据 The Scientific Basis of Using Flaxseed Oil and Quark or Cottage Cheese to Cure Cancer





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