pH = Voltage


(ie: raise illness acidic PH to wellness alkaline PH by increasing electrons)



To understand how to improve arthritis, or any chronic condition actually, we need to understand that PH and Voltage are synchronistic in the body. The PH of healthy cells and the voltage of healthy cells correlate. If a healthy cell deteriorates, the PH drops and the voltage rises.


The good news is that challenges can be corrected.

PH & Voltage

PH stands for Potential Hydrogen, which is basically a measure of voltage.


PH Zero    =    +400 mv (milivolts)

PH 7          =     Zero mv

PH 14        =    -400 mv


A PH above 7 is alkaline and a PH below 7 is acid.


PH 7 to 14 = Alkaline

PH 7 to Zero = Acid


Science knows that a red blood cell has a healthy running voltage of -20 mv to -30 mv, which equates to a tight range of PH 7.35 to PH 7.45.


Therefore, -20 mv = PH 7.35 = alkaline.


Here's the thing.....


Healthy blood has a negative voltage of -20 milivolts, it's negatively charged!

Healthy blood has a PH of 7.35, it's alkaline!


A negative sign before a voltage reading indicates that there are electrons available to do the work. Whereas a plus sign indicates an electron thief, stealing electrons from wherever it can.

Did you know that when a cell is damaged, the cell voltage should jump to -50 mv, or even -70 mv?


To do this, the cell must have plenty of available energy conductors (electrons). These electrons are stored in our cellular batteries, the cell is a battery. The capacitator is the cell wall membrane, the serum. Every cellular action uses & converts energy to maintain balance.


BUT.......what if the batteries run low or empty?


Well, the cell doesn't wait. It continues to try & repair but the voltage is changing due to lack of electrons (eg -10 mv, -5 mv, -3 mv, Zero mv, +5 mv, +20). It's crisis time! This cell has no more electrons available & is existing in a state of positive charge, which results in chronic acidity & eventually (potentially) cancer.


You can see that when the voltage passed Zero it had completely run out of energy and dropped into the acidic range of PH. This is called a reverse polarity. Once the voltage hits the acidic range and the cell can't function correctly, and if the new replacement cells are defficient through lack of available building blocks, then the cells stay acidic & become anaerobic (starved of oxygen). The cell is oxidising, rusting, positively charged & starving of electrons (electricity to make every action happen) & redox molecules (cellular communicators in reduction of oxidation).


Healthy red blood cells normally run at a voltage of -20 to -30 mv which is equivelant to a PH between 7.35 & 7.45.  Cancerous cells run at a voltage of +20 to +30 mv which is equivelant to a PH below 7.



There's the key!!!      PH = voltage.

Just get more electrons into yourself to raise the voltage of your blood and all your cells and therefore raise your PH towards alkaline, resulting in a natural balance of wellness, quite quickly.


You can get more electrons into yourself by standing barefoot on the earth, by breathing in the air near the ocean or the waterfall, by consuming natural foods high in antioxidants (electron doners), by consuming supplements high in antioxidants (electons) like vitamin C, and by grounding while sleeping & working (great source of electrons!).


The Cell Membrane stores Voltage



The cell is essentially a balloon full of water, breathing in & breathing out via the cell membrane.


Each cell is a subatomic battery for the body, that stores voltage in the cell membrane via phospholipid fats. Under the microscope, a phospholipid fat looks like a ball on top with two legs dangling underneath. The ball is an electron conductor and the legs are insulators.



The cell membrane is made up opposing pairs of these, so......the cell wall is made up of a layer of electron cunductors and a 2nd layer of electron conductors separated by an insulator layer, forming what is known as a capacitor.

The cell is actually a battery!




This is the device that the body uses to store electrons.


So the cell membrane that surrounds every cell is the cell's battery pack, storing available electrons & minerals. Ideally the phospholipid fat has been derived from long chain fatty acids which yield a large amount of ATP (intercellular energy transfer. 'Bad fats' are derived from heating the fat or oil (for a longer shelf life) and are known as partially hydrogulated oils, or 'plastic fats'. So.....if the cell is wrapped in plastic, it can't breathe and things can't get in & out of the cell, and also the plastic membrane won't store voltage. Seriously! Avoid 'bad fats!


Electron Doners are anti-oxidants



How do you get more electrons into your body?. Well.... apart from eating them (anti-oxidant food & drink), they are freely available from good old Mother Earth.


We are, after all, an electrical being and we are one with the Earth. We resonate with the same frequency - the Schuemann Resonance.

Your bare feet on the Earth drink up electrons through your skin, even more so when the Earth is well nourished & a little moist.


Remember how good it feels when you're standing under a waterfall or at the beach near the crashing waves? Remember that freshness in the air and the lift in your mood? That's because the air is saturated with free electrons, flung off the water molecules as they crash onto rocks. The electrons jump onto oxygen molecules, which become negatively charged ions of oxygen (negative ions).

Negatively charged oxygen, when breathed in is an electron doner of the highest quality.



Machines called 'negative ionisers' are capable of producing biologically available electrons which shoot out of the machine and bump into the oxygen molecules in your home. They create plenty of negatively charged ions of oxygen for you to breathe inside your body which then make their way to the bloodstream, the river of life.



The extra electron creates the negative charge which helps the oxygen be absorbed into the cell and any extra electrons leftover are stored in the cell wall. This ensures the cell is stable at -20 to -30 mv and able to kickstart any respiration action needed and hopefully has enough in reserve to deal with any crisis.


2 more quality electron donors are Vitamin C & Silicon. Any electron doner is an antioxidant.


Controlling the entire system


This is critical to understand.

Specifically, the brain has nuerochemicals - Dopamine, GABA,  Acetylcholine & Serotonin. These 4 nuerochemicals control the way we think, the way we have fun, our ability to heal, ability to sleep. So, they control every aspect of our life. Without Serotonin we can't sleep & without sleep we can't heal because most of our healing is done in the Alpha state of the sleep pattern. It's well known that nearly everyone who has a chronic illness is likely to be deficient in neurochemicals. Not only do they control the way your brain works, they also control all the cells in your body because.....the nuerochemicals control the nervous system as well as the endocrine system. The endocrine system of glands includes the pituitary/pineal, thyroid/parathyroid, liver/thymus (immunity), kidneys/adrenals, ovaries/testicals. The endocrine control mechinism tells the cells how to function and how to communicate with each other. So if the neurochemicals are defficient, the cells don't work correctly. You can measure the voltage in each of these endocrine systems to know how well they're working. Therefore, again, provide your body with an abundance of electrons to enable everything to work properly.


In addition, the body uses minerals as the ON/OFF switches. Almost everybody presenting with dis-ease will be defficient in minerals. The majority of the minerals are stored in the tissues, and the blood serves as a delivery service getting the minerals from place to place. But you have to be consuming the minerals in the first place. The food you eat is only ever as good as the amount of minerals it contains. Therefore, a supplement of minerals makes sense. Not just any old mineral supplement, though, I'm talking about ORMUS minerals.


The best way to increase your neurochemichals & minerals?

To make a neurochemical it takes one protein & eight vitamins & minerals. If you're missing one or more of the vitamins and minerals, you can't make a neurochemical. For example, if you're vitamin C defficient, you can't make Serotonin and you'll be depressed & can't sleep. Without restoring neurochemicals, you can't sleep, think clearly, enjoy life or heal. Without restoring neurochemicals your endocrine & digestive systems won't work.


Often when a body has become chronic and the liver has shut down, it's hard getting the minerals & vitamins absorbed. This is why its important to provide your body with biologically available ingredients which are small enough in size to be absorbed easily, even by someone who is critically ill. This is why ORMUS minerals are sooo profound, ORMUS minerals are biologically available instantly because of their monoatomic size and vibration.


Speedy recovery is all about the size of the fuel - cell food.


Our caveman fuel came from walking barefoot & sleeping on the earth and eating & drinking food full of vitamins & minerals and amino acids. Here we are in the 21st centuary and most people need to supplement their diet and modify their lifestyle to support their wellness.



The Liver



The Liver is also the key to wellness. It controls your ability to absorb materials to build new cells, it assists in emliminating toxins from the body, and it controls the immune system. We don't get well quickly by repairing cells, we get well quicker by creating new healthy replacement cells that work correctly. If the liver is clogged, thiese actions are slowed down.


Th liver is almost entirely made of layers of fat membranes that work much like the filters in an air conditioner that filter out the rubbish. As the liver replaces itself every 8 weeks, that requires that you eat approx 20 kilos every 2 months, just to replace the liver, and that's before the amount of fats needed to create and replace cell membranes and don't forget the brain which is also almost completely made up of fat.


Cells are replaced regularly. The cells in the eye retina are replaced every 48 hrs, the cells of the skin are replaced approx every 6 weeks, a new liver every 8 weeks, a new nervous system every 8 months. The entire body replaces itself every 8-12 months. Its crucial to give the body what it needs to make 'good' cells because when a cell dies your body produces a new cell and if all it can find is 'plastic' fats & articifial food, then the new cell is not much better than the one that has died.


By providing plenty of Vitamin C for creating new cells and plenty of longchain fatty acids (eat Salmon) to create natural capacitators and plenty of MSM as the glue bond between the longchain acids, then you've got a healthy start for a new cell creation.



To absorb the building materials to make healthy cells, you have to fix the liver. To fix the liver, you need to draw out the sludge and the toxins. Lots of water is an obvious place to start. Mix in a daily dose of a drawing agent like 'Salamabad Salts' in order thoroughly cleanse the digestive organs (including the liver). And to create new liver cells, remembering the liver is made from fat cells just like the brain, we need to consume plenty of good fats full of Omega 3 or Omega 6 like Krill oil or Evening Primrose oil or good ol' Salmon or non-homogonised cow's milk.


If you give your body 'good' cellfood materials to make new cells, then over a period of approx 8-12 months you will have a whole new you. Beaming with life energy.



Every cell also needs oxygen to function. The amount of oxygen in the cell is determined by the amount of voltage in the cell. This is called Bohr's Law. If the voltage of the cell is -30mv it will absorb approx 100% of the available oxygen whereas if the voltage drops to -10mv you will be absorbing much less at around 80%.


So people that have low voltage, which is the case in people with chronic disease like arthritis, will be depleted in oxygen. To absorb maximum oxygen we need to raise the amount of electrons available, and of course get more fresh air. A little bit of exercise goes a loooong way.


Vitamin C & MSM

Nutrients & ions of oxygen are carried on a journey by the bloodstream to every cell in the body. Now it's up the cell to be permeable enough to absorb the nutrients & oxygen. This is where Vitamin C & MSM together are crucial.


Every time you create a new cell you destroy one of Vitamin C. When deficient in vitamin C, cells become leathery & non flexible & non permeable. Skin becomes thin, arteries harden, veins weaken, lungs lose flexibility to expand and contract heading towards emphasema, the heart loses flexibility to pump and contract, kidneys lose flexibility etc. Its crucial to know that Vitamin C needs MSM to bond with it, to create and restore flexibility. Flexible means that the cells are more permeable meaning they can absorb & eliminate as they should.





People that have a chronic condition will always have decreased voltage, will often have a reversal of polarity, and will almost always have a loss of neurochemicals, will have deficient minerals, and a liver that doesn't work well.


So to fix this, you need to turn on the control mechinism. The control mechinism is the neurochemicals and the minerals. The minerals are the ON/OFF switch. Vitamins and minerals and proteins create these neurochemicals in their different combinations and it takes about 3-4 months to replace the nuerochemicals and minerals. As you do this, the control mechisims will turn back on, and the endocrine system will begin to work again. Your digestion/elimination systems begin to work again. You begin to feel less stressed because the nervous system begins to function normally.


Similtaneously, you must make sure you have normal voltage because no matter what you do if you don't have voltage, nothing works. To restore voltage you need good electron doners. Negatively charged oxygen provides plenty of electrons and so do antioxidants (Vitamin C). Arm & leg muscle movement also fires off electrons, yes that means exercise of some sort. But the easiest way to restore voltage is by earthing yourself. Earthing sheets and mats transfer electrons from the earth to you, 'in the comfort of your home' as they say.


Natural Arthritis Relief begins with the right ingredients at the right size in abundant amounts that are eaten or breathed or absorbed into the body. Abundant is the operative word, ie: more than enough. The body will expel what it doesn't need. Plenty of biologically available vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, good fats and electrons is what your body needs, Every nutritional cellular action, from the moment of ingestion onwards, also requires an energy exchange (ATP) and this uses up electrons.  The nutrients & ions of oxygen are carried on a journey by the bloodstream to every cell in every organ. Now it's up the health of the cell to be permeable enough to absorb and eliminate and have enough stored voltage energy to fuel the process.


The aim of the game here is to gain arthritis relief, which means replacing the inflamed low voltage acidic toxic cells with new healthy alkaline cells over a period of time as the old cells die off. Hopefully when they die, they are flushed away by the river of life to be processed by the elimination system. When the river of life slows down, the sludgy ones start sticking together and can get trapped in the joints and muscles. They need a good flush of blood pumped through, hence the need to stimulate the circulation system through exercise and deep tissue massage. These toxic cells are not permeable. They have trapped toxins and leathery serums and a lack of charged oxygen.